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Minneapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Minneapolis motorcycle accident victims can get special treatment and courtesies from us because we want to represent injured motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders get serious injuries and that makes you a very important client. For instance, we will represent you without charge for reimbursement of the damage to your motorcycle.

We will meet you in the hospital, in the privacy of your own home or in either of our two offices in Minneapolis and St. Paul for a free consultation with no obligation. We will explain your rights and what you are entitled to; how and why we can often settle your case for the entire insurance policy within just a few months; how we can uncover hard to find $million umbrella insurance; why motorcycle accidents are so different; and how we can protect your settlement money from medical liens.

Motorcycle accidents have unique legal issues because motorcycles are treated differently under Minnesota law. You need a motorcycle lawyer who understands how to handle motorcycle accident cases, how to protect your settlement money from medical liens and you need a lawyer who knows how to find $million umbrella insurance. Metro Law Offices has over 22 years of personal injury experience and collected millions of dollars for our clients.

We will give you the “red carpet” treatment you are entitled to. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day. Just call 1-800-HURT-911

  • Free Consultation – No Obligation
  • No Fee Unless You Win Money
  • 1/3 Legal Fee Paid at the End of Your Motorcycle Accident Case
  • No Fee for Collision Damage Claim for your Motorcycle!
  • I Will Sign Medical Liens If You Don’t Have Medical Insurance
  • We Will Fill Out All Insurance & DMV Forms for You
  • Personal Service!

We will make certain you get everything you are entitled to. Call Metro Law Offices, Ltd and we will help you every step of the way. Call a lawyer that wants to represent injured motorcycle accident victims in Minneapolis. Call for a free consultation, with no obligation.

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